Know Your Vulnerability

Managed Service Providers

Using MSPs

If you use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or even have your own internal IT, how do you remain confident that they are providing you with the best protection? “Being Secure” can be very subjective and limited to an MSP’s culture, training, and background.

Hiring your own IT staff isn’t the answer; too many responsibilities and too much overhead make an MSP your best solution for effective (both technically and with cost) IT and IT Security management. At the same time,  MSPs are also a primary target  for cybercriminals and state-sponsored attacks. Think about it this way: if a cybercriminal can get into one MSP, they suddenly have access to several businesses which can bring in a ransomware windfall.

Is it really your shield?
Or, your vulnerability?

Your eggs, in their basket

You can’t live without an MSP

What do you do?

Not all MSPs are created equally. Desktop, server, and cloud security all have a “slide bar” of effectiveness. This is where we can help you determine where your business lands on the slide bar.

Questions to Consider

  • Are your servers vulnerable to outside attacks?
  • Is your firewall configured correctly?
  • Are you using tools like multi-factor authentication for Identity Access Management (IAM)?
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery; are you ready for an incident when it occurs?
  • Are you 100% sure that your server has the latest zero-day security patches?

How We Can Help

Our network assessment and review services provide you with the insight to help your MSP understand where your vulnerabilities are so you can position them, your tools, and ultimately your IT budget to best protect your organization.

Let Us Help

Your network security concerns are our top priority

Together we will craft a plan to help maximize your business’s network security and eliminate vulnerabilities.

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